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What We Do

Caitlin Enterprises specializes in solution-based services.  We will work with you to determine your computing needs, help you select the equipment, upgrade your current hardware or software, and install peripherals such as printers or scanners.  We will network your systems so that you can share resources and high-speed Internet connections.  If you have just invested in new software or hardware, our coaching services will help you learn to make the best use of these new resources.  We also provide troubleshooting services when things don't quite work the way they are supposed to!  

In conjunction with Safeport Network Services we work to provide additional services to clients.  These include web hosting and email, web design, web shopping carts, and virtual servers.

We also provide event registration support for your conference, meeting or tradeshow.

Technical Support

Most small businesses invest heavily in high tech equipment and software programs designed to make every task more efficient and the business more profitable.  But, very few businesses can afford the full time technical support staff needed to keep the whole system running smoothly.  If you are in a large company, you can call "Down the Hall."  For small companies we are your virtual "Down the Hall."   Caitlin Enterprises can provide remote support using software which enables us to use the Internet to remotely access, diagnose and repair software problems. 

Caitlin Enterprises provides support by serving as your knowledgeable technology informational resource.  We help you use your equipment more efficiently, and we help you make the most of your investment. 

Caitlin Enterprises helps with troubleshooting, computer upgrades, PC installation, and computer hardware and software support.  When there is a question, problem or concern, we address it. 

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Networking allows you to share files, printers and high-speed Internet connections.  Caitlin Enterprises will set up a network for you using either wired or wireless connections. 

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Caitlin Enterprises provides one-on-one and classroom training in :

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Publisher
  • Outlook
  • Access
  • Windows Operating System
  • HTML
  • QuickBooks
  • Quicken

We also provide training in using the Internet and managing your email and help you to learn how to use computer related hardware such as digital cameras and multi-function printers.

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Event Registration Support

Through our subsidiary Alexandra Anthony Event Services we will setup and manage online registration for your event, generate badges and provide onsite check-in and registration support.

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Web Hosting and Email

Safeport offers six web hosting service plans with customizable features so that you can assemble a hosting and email package to fit your needs.  They also provide email filtering to cut down on spam and viruses.

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Web Site Design and Maintenance

Safeport's resident design team gives you a site that is creative, responsive, functional, and SEO compliant at an affordable price.  After your web site is designed, we can provide the necessary updates and on-going maintenance support.

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Web Shopping Carts

Safeport's shopping carts are powerful, template-based, easy to implement solutions to get your e-business into the world of web ecommerce faster.  Take advantage of FREE usage of Safeport's SSL certificate for secure shopping and their secure, dedicated shopping servers to get your store started today.

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Virtual Servers

A Virtual Server allows you to get the advantages of having your own dedicated server at a fraction of the cost.

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Custom Database Design

A well-organized database system plays a critical part in promoting your business and staying in touch with your customers.  Caitlin Enterprises will set-up and maintain your databases for your mailing lists and/or marketing efforts. 

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Presentation Support

Electronic presentations allow you to present information about your company and services.  Caitlin Enterprises will work with you to create presentations that inform your audience using elements that help them to retain the information.

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Information Research

To stay competitive, companies must continually search out new information, determine how it affects them and decide how to use it to their advantage.  Caitlin Enterprises provides research services using library and Internet information services. 

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