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What Should I Do with My Old PC?

Do you have an old PC that you need to figure out what to do with it?  One option besides putting it out with the trash is to recycle it.  Recycling means that either just the parts are recycled for their metal content or that it is put to use by schools or non-profit organizations for whom your trash is their treasure.  Your PC might have outlived its usefulness to you but still be of use to someone else.   

Listed below are organizations that can help place your old computer somewhere where it can have a second life.

The National Cristina Foundation
Distributes computers to people with disabilities, needy students and others. 
The Lazarus Foundation    
Collects old computers and peripherals and provides them to social service organizations, schools and other qualified organizations. (Located in Ellicott City, MD)
Capital PC Users Group
Through their Project Reboot accepts computer equipment and donates it to needy organizations and individuals.
Donated Macintosh computers are refurbished and then placed with families who could not otherwise afford a computer.
If your equipment is not acceptable to one of these organizations and you live in Montgomery County, you can drop it off at the Shady Grove Processing Facility & Transfer Station, 16101 Frederick Road, Derwood MD 20855.  (For more information, go to, click on the link for “I want to recycle or dispose of…” and then search for the keyword “computer”.)  For other areas, check your local jurisdiction’s website for e-cycling (electronic recycling) information.